Magic GIF Theatre

Even seen those odd Japanese (and usually quite violent) black and white animated gifs knocking around forum sigs? Well if you have they where made in something called Easy Toon, a free and very basic gif animator that's been around for years. However it's recently been translated to English and fallen into the hands of hacks like me! This is the result!

  • Accordion
    The first thing I made in Easy Toon worth showing… but only just. Done in about 20 minutes, if that.
  • "Brad Pit"
    This is why you shouldn't blindly click links sent from straight girls if you're a straight male!
  • Boe Vs Punch Bag
    Just a little fan animation for Ryan of Boe from Funny Farm. At the time of writing it's now Ryan's forum signature. That's nice isn't it?
  • Portia
    After showing Matt Trepal the one I did for Ryan, I said I do one for him. As you can see, I decided to show off.