Games: The way to play with yourself without going blind!

  • Cam Jammer
    Possibly the first webcam game ever made in Flash! In a mix between DDR and the Playstation Eye-Toy, you score points by flapping your arms about like an idiot! This thing is only for the fit and ONLY PEOPLE WITH WEBCAMS! A shout out to Xerjester and mönky for the music in this.
  • Al's Beach Adventure (Premium only)
    Not really a game at all but it's defiantly not a cartoon so it goes in here. This is a little story flip book (with "witty" comments) of my trip to my town's beach and the most crappy resort on the planet! Welcome to the horror that is Littlehampton!

Note that this is only viewable to Keenspot Premium accounts due to it's chunky file size! Sorry freeloaders :)

  • The Dictator Test
    Find out which tin-pot dictator you are in this not very PC personality test.
  • Rope War
    Playing tug of war is fun, but playing tug of war with a selection of Keenspot's characters is even more so! Get tugging!
  • Mole Hunt
    Remove your vermin problem… with a 12 bore!
  • RPG-NPC Simulator
    Play RPG games and love to talk to non-player characters? Well this is for you!
  • Ask Kingston
    Ask everyone's favourite stoner a question… just don't expect a helpful answer…